Lords of Honor

This is where members of the alliance Lords of Honor, for the game Ikariam on the Kappa server can communiate, and where people who want to know more about LoH can go and ask questions.
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 A little about us...

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PostSubject: A little about us...   Fri Apr 18, 2008 4:54 am

Welcome to the Lords of Honor!

LoH is a peaceful alliance with a small taste for pillaging. We respect, advocate and enable peace with alliances that wish to avoid conflicts. That said, many of us do enjoy all aspects of the game... including pillaging. We do have a strict set of internal rules on the subject, so if you think you are being unduly harassed by a LoH member, please contact our diplomat. Just keep in mind that not all pillages fall outside of our rule set and there may not be much I can do for you.

If you are an attacker on our members or allies, be warned. We defend our member/allies without hesitation or mercy. We are a very well fortified and war versed alliance. We are not afraid to systematically annihilate any unjustified attacks on our family.

While the above is certainly true, don't think that we are so rigid that we are not approachable. We have a very active community of well intentioned, intelligent and friendly people. We are usually open to negotiation, reason and good will.
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A little about us...
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